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Food Reviews

Growing up in Los Angeles, I was lucky to experience so many amazing cultures and styles of food, and I would love to share some of my favorite places with you.

Places That I Have Traveled To Eat

I have not spent as much of my life traveling as many of my friends have, but when I travel, I travel for food.

Highly Reccommended Cooking Shows

I spend more time than I should watching Netflix shows and videos on YouTube mainly about cooking or chefs traveling the world and exploring new cultures through food.

About Me

Here you can find a bit more information about me and my life, as well as my future plans.

Some Recent Findings

Spotlight Chef of the Month

Alison Roman is a well-known, New York based chef that specializes in a wide variety of tastes and favors. Not only is she known for her brilliant mind in the kitchen, but Roman entertains with her wits, sarcasm, and laughable amount of butter that she puts into each meal. But that's what makes them so delicious and appealing! This is her most recent video with New York Times Cooking where Roman chefs up a fantastic Thanksgiving meal for her friends.

My Favorite Pasta in Los Angeles

In the past months since I've been away at school, I have been craving the perfect house-made pasta of Pasta Sisters in Culver City, Los Angeles. My personal favorite is the Arrabbiata, which is a bit spicy, but if you can handle the heat it is definitely worth trying. And for special occasions with my family, we always make sure to go on a Sunday because that is the only day that Pasta Sisters makes their incredible Carbonara. I don't think I've stressed this enough... they make their own pasta each day... it's fantastic and always the perfect pasta consistency. I promise if you try Pasta Sisters, you will not regret it. *pro tip- if you take me on a date here, I may marry you*

Isla Vista Spot of the Month

For those of you who attend UCSB with me, we all are aware of the staple restaurants in IV, but I have a favorite spot that is perfect for studying or relaxing and having a nice latte with my friends. Caje, while a little pricey for someone on a college student's budget, is a nice treat every once and a while. I have been on a Matcha kick these past few weeks, so I am a big fan of their Matcha Latte and living in LA my whole life, I have been raised on Acai Bowls, so I know a good one when I taste it. My favorite is the regular Acai Bowl because its simple fruity flavors blend together perfectly and fill me up just enough to get me through to the next part of the day without leaving me feeling stuffed.

My Mom's Pizza Pick

L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele is a new and happening pizzeria in Hollywood. This restaurant is straight out of Naples with its traditional Neapolitian-style pizza. All of their ingredients come directly from Italy and are fresher than any those of any pizza that I have ever tasted. Their pizza is so light that I can eat almost a whole pie on my own. The sauce has the perfect balance of acidity and tangiess below the richness of their Italian Mozzarella. This restaurant is definitely on the more pricey end of the pizza price spectrum, but it is no doubt worth it for a special occassion. L'Antica was where I had my last meal in Los Angeles with my family before moving to UCSB for school and it definitely left me wanting more.

Favorite Meal in New York

I have traveled to New York at various points in my life. Once with my grandparents, once with my aunt, but last summer I ventured off on my own to explore the Big Apple. I stayed with my cousin in his apartment in the Upper Westside of Manhattan. His wife knew my love of the tv show FRIENDS, so she took me to see the building where the show supposedly took place. On the corner of Bedford and Grove, lies the building that I knew as the Central Perk Cafe, but in reality is the The Little Owl. This restaurant served me one of the most memorable meals that I have ever had in New York City. It was so simple yet so delicous, and the way that the flavors blended together perfectly was something I thought I could have only dreamt of. While I usually find chicken breasts served in restaurants to be dry and quite favorless, this meal allowed me to regain hope in restaurant chicken. It was the most tender and flavorful, might I even say juicy, chicken that I have ever consumed. I hope to revisit The Little Owl one day and bring my family along with me.

Best Shaved Ice in Hawaii Comes to Santa Barbara

ParadICE is a shaved ice shop on State Street. My mom and I stumbled upon it about a month ago, and were very happily surpised. The owners of the store had been obsessed with shaved ice from a young age, especially true Hawaiian shaved ice. As adults, they decided to follow their dream of bringing all natural, delicious shaved ice to the mainland. On their journey, they traveled to Hawaii to taste and learn about a variety of styles and favors of shaved ice. They chose their favorite aspects of the shaved ice they tasted and created their own brand of shaved ice in which they named ParadIce. It truly feels like you are in paradise when you are eating this shaved ice; it takes me back to my family trip on the North Shore of Oahu where 75% of my meals consisted of shaved ice. Here, they use all natural flavoring that they make themselves; no artificial favors or coloring are used, as most shaved ice places have. Only the best and most delicious fresh fruits are put into these luxurious flavors, I promise you'll be able to taste the difference.